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  1. Andver August 19, 2009

    Hi Mummycents

    Wow.. the bags are wonderful and i’m back for more orders.

  2. Amanda September 9, 2009

    Hi Mummycents,

    I also wan to drop a note about your bags.

    Last time i used to buy this kind of bag from Da*so and i thought it
    will be good. But very soon like about 2 month, the bag will puff up
    and not space saving after all. And very tedious to use. Cos the
    vacuum cleaner always suck air and suck in the plastic bag also. I
    have to force open the bag to vacuum the air inside.

    Then i tried your bag, was skeptical at 1st. But hor, very easy to
    use. i just put the vacuum cleaner at the opening then within a min,
    the air is out lor. Then till now i think 2 months already, the bag
    haven’t puff up. i like it a lot.

    i think now i better source if i have anymore clothes to keep, hehe.
    then i can buy more bags to store them away, haha. Then buy more new
    clothes. haha.

  3. Shirley Woo September 16, 2009

    I have received the parcel today. Immediately I used them for my quilts, pillows. Wah say, I must say them r amazing! Even the maid oso like them. Really looks like magic. My wardrobe is very spacious again. So I need to order some more from u.

  4. Jane H September 19, 2009

    Hi mummycents
    I also want to give my two cents for your bags. This is the first time
    I use storage bags and I find your bags very very user friendly. At
    first I tot the manual pump must be very hard to use as we need to
    pump out the air manually. But it turns out to be very easy and not
    energy exhausting at all. Sure will buy again from you. :)

  5. Ling September 19, 2009

    i love the small size~!~~! perfect for kiddy clothes and bits n pcs of
    adult clothes.. and i use them for my recent trips as well (brought
    along the manual extractor to pump out the air on return journey :D )

  6. Sylvia September 29, 2009

    hi mummycents,

    I want more of your bags!!! they are really useful and of good quality

  7. Leann Chan October 2, 2009

    hi mummycents,

    i have recently bot some bags from u and have so far tried a few bags. the compressed effects is really amazing. :)

  8. Chaye October 6, 2009

    HI mummycents

    I have started using the whole family of 5 bags ! very easy to use !
    Now I realise I have so many things that I can vacuum pack them !

  9. Erica October 10, 2009

    Want to add in my feedback too :-)
    I compressed all my clothes in many S size bags, and my luggage has so
    much excess space for shopping!
    Extractor is necessary, in case customs ask you to open up to show
    them contents and you need to flatten them again.

  10. Helen Ang October 31, 2009

    Just to let u know i just pack my family’s whole junk of winter clothes into the XXL saver bag!! Really save lots of space!!
    need more for my other unused clothings n beddings.

  11. Yuen November 2, 2009

    Hi mummycents
    received the bags on Friday and used them last night.. very good
    indeed and super easy to use.

  12. Shirley December 4, 2009

    i’m so excited after using my 1st bag!!!…imagine a big box of soft
    toys are SHRINKED into a medium size bag, or 2 small bags!
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    gg to order more soon!

  13. Audrey December 20, 2009

    Hi mummycents,

    Thanks very much for the fast delivery! Rec’d the bags, and they are
    much better than the $2 ones i bought. And the vacuum is surprisingly
    easy to use. Will definitely be back for more. =)

  14. Lynette Sim January 12, 2010

    Hi hi I just tried the small hanger bag on my winter clothes, amazing !

  15. Irene January 12, 2010

    I used your vacuum bags and they are wonderful!

  16. Mary G January 28, 2010

    hi mummycents,

    repeat customer here to get more. love your vacuum bags. they are
    really great.

  17. Marlene Tan March 20, 2010

    Hi hi Mummycents,

    I would like to order the following…..i really agree with the
    testimonials above. The last time I bought the bags from u I used one
    of the medium sized ones and squeezed my hubby, myself and my
    daughters clothes all into 1 luggage (and i was travelling for 2
    weeks…not a short trip) Anyway hooked on it…now using it to pack
    my tiny store room.

  18. Lin March 29, 2010

    Hi Mummycents,

    Am so happy with the ones that I bought, that Im back. This is the
    only thing that I bought that my hubby approves of,
    infact he even pester me to get more fr you!!! =)=)=)

  19. Kimber April 4, 2010

    Hello Mummycents.

    I love your bags!
    And back to buy one more set for my brother.

  20. Jo May 4, 2010

    Hi Hi,
    I am amazed by your BAG! It sucks dry dry dry for all the air. The quality of the zip and the bag are indeed different. The zip is definitely stronger than those valueshop/daiso’s.
    The hanger bag design is superb. I zapped up all our winter clothings!

  21. Lavon May 12, 2010


    Just wanted to say Thank you. Got my bags and they work great!!

  22. Nicky May 15, 2010

    hi Audrey,
    thank you for the bag.
    we tried it out and was amazed at how well it works.
    we would contact you again for more bags when we need them.

  23. Xian June 1, 2010

    Your bags were great! I just unclutter a bag of soft toys and was
    amazed by the differences before and after!
    Will definitely order from you again when I need more. Thanks!

  24. Jolyn Ng June 22, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this product. My husband was impressed and we have stopped using the cheaper ones..

  25. See K July 4, 2010

    Hi mummycents,

    I’m back for more – now my mil also loves your space saver bags! :)

  26. Jasmine July 14, 2010

    I received the bags and it Is simply amazing!!!! Thank you!

  27. Julia Chan July 24, 2010


    Thanks I got the bags. My hubby is impressed by how easy it is.

  28. Roro July 26, 2010

    Hi Mummycents,
    Oh yes, I LOVE the bags. I asked my hubby to flatten all the bags
    using manual air extractor. It works even on the hanger bags.
    I’m definitely ordering again. I will type my order as soon as I
    finished ransacking my wardrobe. Tidying up is fun now, hehehe…

  29. Alice Lim August 2, 2010

    wanna say a big thanks to mummycents for the fast email response &
    prompt delivery service. just received my stuffs today must say that
    i’m extremely pleased with it..Thumbs up for the excellent service….

  30. Elda August 2, 2010

    Hi Mummycents…

    While i was browsing through the advert in FB..i bump into yours..and right away, i knew what i need. The Space Saver Bag!! I am a safe shopper, so i did not order in a big amount. Just worried the bag didnt work..(Sorry)..;)
    Well anyway, I’ve already use the SSB. It works wonderfully! It really has saved my space in my wardrobe. I showed my mom how the bag works and she’s excited and wanted me to order it for her..So you’ll get my order real soon!
    Thanks Mummycents….