Travelling Lotion Pump Bottle 50g

SGD 1.50

Travelling Lotion Pump Bottle 50g

No more lugging your lotions, toners, and other liquid skin care products around when you travel! No one wants to deal with the mess when the containers crack!

This 50g pump bottle are great for holding your makeup remover, cleanser, lotions, toners and other liquid facial products. You just need to pour your liquid into the bottle, cap it, and you are good to go. Save luggage space with these nifty bottles.


- Lightweight & portable, slips easily into your luggage

- Holds up to 50g of skincare products (lotions, toners and other liquid skincare products)

- Easy use pump bottle

- A catch to prevent accidental pressing of the pump (view 2nd picture)


5cm diameter x 11cm height, super lightweight

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