Hanger Helper

SGD 4.00

Too many hangers in your wardrobe? Can't find that skirt that you so wanted to wear today?

Hanger Helper to the rescue!

You can hang up to 5 hangers onto this sturdy HH, and it makes organizing wardrobes easier!

I can hang 5 polo tees on a HH, or 5 pairs of jeans, so it makes my life easier when i want to look for my tees/ jeans. I know which Hanger Helper to go to! Or I will hang a set of clothes/ accessories/ bags for a particular occasion on one HH, and when that occasion comes along, i'll just take that HH, and no need to search all over the place for the items.

Do take note, as each Hanger Helper is 23cm, the clothes hung on the lowest hole may be folded if your wardrobe space is not long enough. so it works best if you have alot of empty space under your hanging bar.

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