Super Space Saver Bag (7 sizes avail)

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Space saver bags for travelling & home organization

If your wardrobe is bursting because of your pillows, quilts & clothes, or you need extra luggage space for your shopping loots, you will love Mummycents’ Super Space Saver Bags! The bag comes with a durable valve and a sturdy double ziplock, and with a vacuum cleaner or a manual air extractor or a portable electric pump, you can pack your items inside the bag and watch the contents shrink before your eyes into a compact, solid package. IT’S LIKE MAGIC!


- The one way valve prevents air from reentering the bag after deflating.

- Double ziplock closure keeps contents secured in the bag.

- Durable and reusable because of the high quality pvc material.


Sizes (Choose from drop down list):

S: 50cm x 60cm

M: 60cm x 80cm

L: 70cm x 100cm

XL: 80cm x 100cm

XXL: 80cm x 120cm

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